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Legislative activity is starting to heat up much like the summer with focus on the drought, climate change and renewable energy. We are also at the height of Budget and Appropriations time in the Capitol. This means that the main priorities are the Governor’s Budget (and the marrying of that proposal with the desires of the Legislature), which must be finalized by June 15. There has been severe drop off in the number of CEQA related bills moving through the Legislature because the Senate and Assembly both finally heard the numerous CEQA reform bills proposed by Republican members. Most of these bills had little chance of success, and failed to get enough votes to move to the Floor. Attached is current bills under consideration that the AEP Legislative Committee is tracking. Some notable updates are:

  1. SB 122 (Jackson) – CEQA, Record of Proceedings
    1. The controversial piece (late hits) has been removed from the bill, and it now looks to sail through the process without much more drama.
  2. AB 291 (Medina) – CEQA Notices of Determination and Water
    1. Now in the Senate Natural Resources Committee
  3. AB 779 (Garcia) – CEQA Transit Priority Areas
    1. In Assembly Appropriations Suspense
  4. SB 240 (Stone)
    1. Failed in Senate EQ.
  5. SB 348 (Galgiani) – CEQA Exemption for Rail Crossings
    1. In Natural Resources Committee
  6. Climate/Energy Legislation
    1. SB 32 – Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Target Extension
      1. The bill will be amended by Senator Pavley to mirror the Governor’s Executive Order from last week.
    2. SB 350 / AB 645 – Renewable Energy
      1. Another bill, AB 1511 (Perea) has joined the discussion as well
    3. Budget Trailer Bills
      1. The Governor has released Budget Trailer Bills, which essentially use the budget process to make certain policy decisions.
      2. So far, there are 3 CEQA Exemption trailer bills being considered. The three exemptions are for: certain emergency drought measures, certain stormwater/recycling projects, and actions by local agencies to block new groundwater wells.
  7. AB 57
    1. It sets a timeline for review of certain Telecomm projects. It could lead to avoidance of environmental review. APA is opposing, along with cities and counties.

Please contact Pat Angell (AEP Legislative Committee Member) with any questions at .

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