President's Message

The year 2020 is here. For me, the year 2020 always seemed like such a far off and futuristic date; and yet here we are. This year will be an exciting one for environmental practitioners. The year 2020 is the year the SB 743 requirements for Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) analysis is required be incorporated into the environmental documents. This will result in a significant shift away from the Level of Service analysis that have been a mainstay of traffic impact analysis for decades. For some jurisdictions this will be no problem as they have previously implemented these requirements. For others the journey is just beginning. Environmental practitioners will be on the front lines of helping to implement these requirements and incorporate the analysis. Environmental Planners from both public and private sectors will have roles to play in educating the public, decision makers, and well as each other in how to effectively implement these new requirements into the next decade.

Its times like this that importance of AEP and its membership is underscored. The members of AEP can be the best resource for each other. In October 2019, AEP provided a lunchtime presentation on SB 743 requirements including pitfalls to look out for when using VMT in the analysis.

Other hot topics in the environmental field are expected to be evolving requirements to air quality analysis following the Friant Ranch court decision as well as changing wetland regulations.

This year will also see the return of our Northern California mini-conference. This mini conference is a collaboration between the Superior California Chapter and the Bay Area Chapter to produce this bi-annual northern California mini-conference. This conference is geared to the members in the North State that are not able to make many of the events and programs that are based out of the Sacramento of San Francisco Bay areas. This year the conference is expected to be in the Eureka area sometime in the fall. Be on the lookout for more information on this conference as the planning is just beginning.

One of our goals at AEP is to facilitate the sharing of new ideas and new skills as they become more integrated into everyday work. Do you have a new idea or skill or know of someone who does? We would love to hear about it and would love to have you consider presenting during one or our monthly lunches. This is one of the best ways AEP can help our members learn about new or upcoming trends in our industry. Please reach out to one our Board members and let us know of your idea.

Hope to see you at a program soon and feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Alex Jewell

Superior California Chapter-President